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About 13% of individuals in Santa Cruz County experiencing homelessness belong to families with children under the age of 18.
Of individuals experiencing homelessness in Santa Cruz County, about 17% are unaccompanied children (under 18) and transition-age youth (18-24).
An estimated 15% of individuals experiencing homelessness in Santa Cruz County are veterans of the U.S. Military.
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Santa Cruz Connect Steering Committee

Peter Connery
Applied Survey Research

Chandra Campbell
Community Volunteer

Kimberly Ferm
Pajaro Valley Shelter Services

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Community Volunteer

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Pajaro Valley Shelter Services 

Ken Shaw
Community Volunteer

Gary Whitehouse
Aptos United Methodist Church

Michelle Whiting
Santa Cruz Bible Church

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Aptos United Methodist Church

Steve Pleich 
Homeless Service Project

Christina Thurston
Volunteer Center

Laura Connery
Applied Survey Research

Paul Spurlock
Twin Lakes Church

Jenna Gallant 
Applied Survey Research